Zappa the Hard Way

From Straight to Bizarre

Recording of Frank Zappa series

Freak Out - My life with FZ
The MOI*
The Motel of Nedermunster*
The Yellow Shark*
Make a Sex Noise*
Goodnight Frank Zappa*
Frank Zappa's Conceptuele Denkraam*
The Perfect Traveller?*
Apostel Tegen het Witte Huis*
De Relevantie van Zappa*
Over een Vegetari
ër die Gek is op...*
The Big Note*
Edgard Varèse*
Jazz is Not Dead
Don't Say Goodbye*

World’s Finest Audio & Visual Entertainment*
I can see for Miles
For Your Eyes Only

The Torture DVD

Son of for Your Eyes - Only?
Return of the Son of for Your Eyes - Only ?

 * 2008 versie